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Bonjour, je souhaiterais de l'aide pour traduire ce diagnostic. Un tout grand merci d'avance. françois de belgique.

-The DIAGNOSIS: A-ANGIOSARCOMA, HIGH GRADE, RIGHT BREAST, ULTRASOUND GUIDED NEDDLE BIOPSY. I will also give you the lengthy MICROSCOPIC; Six slides representing the entire submitted specimen are examined. These show multiple cores of breast tissues exhibiting areas of extensive hemorrhage. Within these tissue cores, a malignant tumor is identified. The tumor is characterized by malignant cells exhibiting moderate to marked nuclear pleomorphism lining poorly formed vascular channels containing blood. In some areas, these vascular channels are not apparent with tumor having a more solid appearance. Mitotic activity is easily seen. A battery if immunoperoxidase stains is performed with appropriate positive and negative controls. CYTOKERATIN (MAK-6) : Tumor is negative. CD31: Tumor is positive. FACTOR VIII: Tumor is focally positive. In summary, the morphologic features and the immunohistochemical profile are consistent with angiosarcoma.


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